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 Ranking, Betting and also Point System

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Yuri Bakura


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PostSubject: Ranking, Betting and also Point System   Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:52 pm

This suggestion inspired by BWF and gosugamer ranking, point and betting system.

Here is my suggestion, during every official tournament, every tested player can bet which one will win the match. If you are correct, you can win SC. Of course, only betting like that is really boring so i suggest that we use this system for betting.

- Rank is the player dueling ranking in TDA forum
- Rank is determine by the player points
- To gain point, you must win tournament which organize by TDA or win war
- % is the thing that will affect the reward that you will get when the player you bet win the match, % will determine by the amount of betting

Quote :
DJD vs Yuri
Rank 1 vs Rank 20
(2000 Points) vs (1000 Points)

80% vs 20%
2400 SC on DJD vs 600 SC on Yuri

Quote :
If djd win, Berkay who bet on DJD for 500 SC will get

His bet x (100+20 = 120/100) + (Bonus, but DJD rank is higher than Yuri, so there is no bonus)

eg = 500 x 120/100 = 600SC, this mean Berkay win 100SC <<< 100SC is reward

Quote :
If Yuri win, Catgirl who bet on Yuri for 500 SC will get

His bet x (100+80 = 180/100) + (Yuri rank is lower than DJD so bonus = (19-1 then x5) = 18x5)

eg = 500 x 180/100 + 90 = 990SC, this mean Catgirl win 490SC <<< 490SC is reward

Quote :
If the guy u bet lose the match, then ur SC will be deducted.

Quote :
If the game is a match, and (player rank who higher) win the game 2-1, your reward will -30. If he win the game 2-0 then your reward will not decrease nor increase.

(Player rank who lower) win the game 2-0, your reward will +50, if he win the game 2-1, your reward will +30.
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Ranking, Betting and also Point System
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