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 Creature Swap Card Review

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PostSubject: Creature Swap Card Review   Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:39 pm

Hello My Many Fans ~Grasshopper Sound~ Err... Well Let's Get into the Card we are reviewing today! Creature Swap was first released in Legacy of Darkness as an Ultra Rare and later reprinted in many Structure Decks as a common. It WAS popular back then but people stopped running it. Well I'm here to show you it still can be quite a decent card.

Effect : Each player selects 1 monster they control and switches control of those monsters with each other. Those monsters cannot change their battle positions for the rest of this turn.

Now the effect of this card can lead to many possible combos. A common combo of this is to switch a weaker monster with your opponent's Strong Monster. Unfortunately, Your opponent picks the monster you'll get so Creature Swap can be tricky to use.

The Most Efficient Way to use this card is if your opponent has only 1 monster on the field and you want it. Now use your Creature Swap and your opponent has no choice but to give you his monster, now watch him weep. Now Let's See some Comparisons!

Brain Control vs Creature Swap

Random Boy Says: "Brain Control is a staple and Creature Swap isn't, Of Course Brain Control is better"

True Brain Control is a well known staple, but let's see some Pros and Cons about these two.

Brain Control Pros:

-Does Not Give Your Opponent a Monster
-You Can Change the Battle Position of the monster
-Your Opponent does not pick which monster you get
-Gives You a +1 In Field Advantage if you get rid of the monster, +2 If You Tribute it for a Summon.

Brain Control Cons:

-You have to Pay 800 LP To Activate
-Has To Be a Face-Up Monster and Opponent can Chain Book of Moon
-Lasts Only Until the End Phase

Creature Swap Pros:
-Can Get a Face-Down Monster
-Is Permanent
-Can Be a +1 in field/hand advantage if you gave your opponent a searcher
-Does not Burn Up LP

Creature Swap Cons:

-Needs you to have a Monster
-Your Opponent chooses what you get
-Can't Switch the Battle Position
-Your Opponent can give you a searcher As well

So As You Can See, Both Of Them has their Ups and downs. It really depends on the situation on the field. I mean if Your Opponent only had Dark Armed Dragon, wouldn't you want to control it PERMANENTLY? Instead of having it for only 1 measly turn? Also Book of Moon Does Not Stop Creature Swap. So Creature Swap is slightly more versatile than Brain Control. Overall Creature Swap is a great card ;D

Card Rating: 8/10

Even Though Creature Swap's days of being a staple is over, maybe it will renew as the formats go along as Konami seems to be making the game slower, well excpet for Infernities and Blackwings but meh. Anyways Thanks for reading the article, Have a Nice Day Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Creature Swap Card Review   Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:43 pm

fader + swap = heart attack Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Creature Swap Card Review   Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:47 pm

brain control is for synchros and tributes

creature swap is for decks that swarm the field with very low atk monster and that need to be destroyed by battle to get there effects

the later of the 2 decks is a little les used today so naturaly creature swap is less used as well but I have still seen it being played a few times in things like a reptilian deck that need 0 atk monsters
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PostSubject: Re: Creature Swap Card Review   

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Creature Swap Card Review
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