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 Card Guard Review

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PostSubject: Card Guard Review   Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:06 am

Card Guars is a monster that 1st came up in yugioh in ancient Prophecy He is one of the secret rares of the set and to be honest i never saw someone run this card in his main deck or even in side deck so today i decided to do a card review of this almost inexistent card.

1st thing we are going to do is analise this monster

Attribute : Dark
Type : Fiend
Level : 4
Effect : When this card is Normal or Special Summoned, place 1 Guard Counter on it. This card gains 300 ATK for each Guard Counter it has. Once per turn, you can remove 1 "Guard Counter" from this card and place it on 1 other face-up card you control. If that card would be destroyed, remove the "Guard Counter" instead.

The most interesting part of Card Guard's Effect is that he can protect either a monster on your side of the field or a face up Continious Spell/Trap. Many decks needs a specific card on the field to take the control of the field and WIN. some needs a specific key monster or some needs a key spell or trap card to win. The 1st Idea that came to my mind when i saw this card was Destiny Board so i tried it and it helps the deck a lot. But im not a big fan of stall decks so i decided to take this card effect further and now i will show you how you can use this effect in a proper way.

Like I said Before Card Guard is a support card for Decks who wins with a specific card so before you add this card to a deck lets analyse all the aspect of this card

The 1st thing we notice at 1st sight is that Card guard is a Dark Fiend monster, wich meand that he can work well in a Dark Oriented Decks - Chaos Decks and Fiend Decks ( if you need a key monster to protect like Obelisk ) . Second thing he can protect a monster or a face up spell or trap card too so he can fit in Stun decks ( Oppression, Burden of the might ETC ... )and Burn decks as well ( Wave Motion Canon, Volcanic ETC ... ) If your deck have one or more of this requirments then you should probably consider this Card Guard in your Main Deck.

2nd Thing we notice in this card is his 1600 atk becoming 1900 after the normal sumon. Like Breaker the magical warrior, Card Guard is 1900 beater at the momoent of the sumon but you can use it as a suport for another monster later in the turn or in the duel taking him out his beater ability. That makes him pretty versatile, but not as splashable as breaker. Thats probably the reason why we dont see many players playing this monster.

- Deck Tests : This is a list of some tests i made with Card Guard and where he helped me a lot


If there is a card you need to when you play a creator deck is indeed THE CREATOR. The problem with this monster is the he is kinda hard to sumon but when he hits the field, he is one pain in the ass for your opponent. If you manage you keep him on the field, you can game in less than 3 turns so if you want to max your chances of keeping him on your field, Card Guard is the dude you need. My 2nd test with Card Guard was in this deck and i can say is really usefull. He is almost never a dead draw if the deck have good speed. he is a target for allure and h eis the small beater of the deck.

Macro Monarch / Macro Decks in General

Unfortunately this test was not as succefull as the creator deck was. Card Guard helps the deck to keep Macro cosmos or D Fissure on the field but the problem is that macro decks are already filled with stapple cards to make them faster and almost stable. Card Guard have just not his place here because he will probably take the place of cards that can probably be better for the deck like cyber valley and it may slow down the deck. You can try it in side deck tho if you play against a player who play breakers, dust tornadoes ETC. It will slow down the deck but prevent your key card from being destroyed.

Stun decks / Burn Decks

This test was kinda weird. the 1st test i made with those decks was in KCVDS. the test was good but not good enough for me so i was about to quit this idea until i had my second card gard IRL. I splashed them into my friends burn deck. he plays a very stall burn deck with volcanic burners and wave motion canon, you know the kind we really hate to see -.- well we made the test and the deck was more stable with it because it protects some cards starlight road can protect from MST and Dust Tornado. This test was a real succes.

Well those are only some tests i made with it, Card Guard have more to offer. This is just a small guide about how to use Card Guard and dont think he is a lame card no more XD.

Overal card rating for me : 7/10

Card Guard is not the best choice in all the situations, he is cool but breaker is probably more usefull than him in many situations. Card guard is probably a card for intermediate and advanced players only.

Let me see your impressions about this card and your tech's if you have some. Thx in advance Wink


gutsberserk: I don't miss Inzektors tbh. But last format was so fucked up ,that I actually started to like them.
gutsberserk: they prevent you from playing YGO cards lol

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PostSubject: Re: Card Guard Review   Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:34 am

he's a really good card, i use him in my fiend deck
saved me a couple of times
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PostSubject: Re: Card Guard Review   Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:28 am

it came out in ancient prophecy in august of 2009 haha

and i did main deck it in my gadget deck irl a while back. i used it to protect oppression and banisher, but i usually sided it out haha
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PostSubject: Re: Card Guard Review   Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:48 pm

kinda cool card, I somehow like it Very Happy And btw. nice article Scorpion! KIU! Very Happy
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Tino The Sinner


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PostSubject: Re: Card Guard Review   Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:44 pm

i made a card guard-wave motion cannon deck, It works pretty good
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PostSubject: Re: Card Guard Review   

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Card Guard Review
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