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 DD Official Rules

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PostSubject: DD Official Rules   Sat May 22, 2010 4:01 am

These rules MUST be followed when posting on this forum:

1 - Do not reply with only a single word (e.g. "Lol")

2 - Do not post more than 2 times in a row unless at least 48 hours have passed. If you wish to say something else, edit your last post.

3 - Do not post topics in the wrong forum (e.g. posting your deck for fixes in the Single Card Discussions subforum)

3 - Do not abuse the reputation system (e.g. down voting every post a member has ever made).

4 - Do not insult or threaten other members in public or in a private chat.

5 - Do not sexually harass any member of this forum. Any form of sexual harassment will result in a permanent ban.

6 - Do not harass members for their real names, cities or addresses. If the other members want to tell you he will.

If you saw someone who broke any of the rules above PM any moderator or administrator of this forum. But be sure you are not mistaken, and if possible, have some proof like a screen shot that shows the offense. Depending on the offense and how many rules the user has broken, they will be officially warned, prevented from joining events, or possibly even banned.


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DD Official Rules
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