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 Tech of the Week #3

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PostSubject: Tech of the Week #3   Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:22 am

Tech of this Week: Burst Rebirth

It seems that some of you still hadn't figured out that this card existed, until now. Burst Rebirth was made popular by United Gosus, a team mostly consisting of top-notch European players and was run in duplicates in almost every Shaddoll deck that they brought to YCS Madrid. Opening Mathematician and Burst Rebirth can put you so far ahead, because you can just activate Burst Rebirth during your opponent's End Phase, then special summon the Beast that you have sent to the graveyard via Mathematician's or Squamata's effect. On your turn you flip summon Beast, which will generate quite some tempo, because you basically drew 3 cards for your draw phase this turn. Depending on the situation, you can revive any Shaddoll that is needed, be it Dragon/Squamata getting monsters out of the way, or Hedgehog searching Fusion. Not that Soul Charge mattered much in the Dragon version of Shaddoll, but with it's limitation, Burst Rebirth, while not as powerful by far, is a welcome replacement and can also be teched in other variants like Artifact. One last thing to remember is that this card can get back any monster, meaning you can also bring back Winda and Construct, or your fallen BLS. Since your fusion monsters were summoned from the graveyard, your opponent has to use monsters from his hand or field when playing Shaddoll Fusion. All in all, I think this was a great find by United Gosus and we can conclude that you shouldn't be afraid of testing cards that look weird on paper and dismiss them right away, because some day they might pop up in a winning decklist.

Recommended in: Dragon Shaddoll and other variants
Recommended against: Anything, as long as you use the above deck types


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PostSubject: Re: Tech of the Week #3   Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:36 am

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Tech of the Week #3
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