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 Patrick Hoban's Shaddoll Lightsworn (video+article link)

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PostSubject: Patrick Hoban's Shaddoll Lightsworn (video+article link)   Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:29 am


Prepare to face this variant of Shaddolls more and more often in the future. Pat's deck has better starting monsters than other versions of Shaddoll, because the Lightsworns are more productive compared to the usual Armageddon Knights/Mathematicians. Another upside is the deck's power creep: It can now support a full playset of Soul Charge and run Chaos monsters who are extremely powerful in mirror matches. On top of that, Raiden gives the deck access to Level 8 Synchros, namely Scrap Dragon and Stardust Spark Dragon, an option it didn't have before. The weakness of course is that milling is random and you could find yourself bricking because of that.
Those upsides could outweigh this downside though.


his article with in-depth explanations and decklist can be found here:



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Patrick Hoban's Shaddoll Lightsworn (video+article link)
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