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 burning abyss deck

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PostSubject: burning abyss deck   Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:03 pm

i'm trying this deck out, so far it has a good winning streak, still need further testing tho, tell me what u think.

i'd love if you suggest a good side deck aswell, i just came back after years of quitting and still familiarising myself with the meta.



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PostSubject: Re: burning abyss deck   Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:47 am

try this for starters:


It's what most people were running at Toronto. You could also test Raizas to out the Shaddoll fusions.

I'm not running the deck, but I did quite a bit of research on it and  right now people are struggling to find better replacements for BLS, Supply Squad,the Monarchs, RUM and the other weird filler cards.
Someone has to find consistent boss monsters to support the BA core, because Rank 3s + a few generic cards aren't enough to compete.

So yeah, just play it for what it is atm.


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burning abyss deck
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