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PostSubject: Kurivolution   Fri May 23, 2014 9:13 pm

copy/pasting this from my DGz thread, have fun with this one:


Monsters: 15

3 Kuribandit
3 Evolsaur Cerato
2 Evolsaur Vulcano
1 Evolsaur Diplo
3 Evoltile Westlo
2 Evoltile Najasho
1 Evoltile Lagosucho

Spells: 14

3 Soul Charge
3 Evo-Force
3 Evo-Diversity
3 Pot of Duality
2 Forbidden Lance

Traps: 11

3 Evo-Singularity
2 Wiretap
2 Dimensional Prison
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Solemn Warning
1 Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck:

3 Evolzar Laggia
2 Evolzar Dolkka
1 Evolzar Solda
1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Number 82: Hearlandraco
1 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Lion Emperor
1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight
1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
1 Number 103: Ragnazero
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Number 85: Crazy Box

Been testing this concept for a while and it's pretty cool. The goal of the deck is to flood the field with Evolzar monsters. This is not only achieved via tradional Evol methods ( grinding and slowrolling Evolzars with Westlo,using Evolsaur Vulcano, Evo-Force Najasho combos), but also via the new Trap card Evo-Singularity and Soul Charge.

Kuribandit is the centerpiece of the deck: He sets up the graveyard by excavating Evoltiles and Evolsaurs for Vulcano plays and the previously mentioned cards,while grabbing other key cards like Evo-Force and Evo-Diversity. Bandit thins your deck by 5 cards, meaning you will be able to make power plays and combo off faster than in the normal Evol deck, which runs a lower monster count tested overall slower than this strategy.

You basically follow the usual gameplan for Evols, but once your opponent fought through one Evolzar (or you used up the materials), you just use Soul Charge and Singularity to throw down another, and another. Grind through their backrow with Evolsaurs, then strangle them to death with Evolzar after Evolzar after Evolzar. Once this deck has built momentum, it's difficult to come back.


Drawing Evolsaurs is a problem in any Evol deck. Cerato is the only Saur who is decent in hand, that's why I run 3 copies.
Vulcano has the most powerful effect out of all Evolsaurs, but sucks the most when drawn, so I think using 2 copies is best.
I chose to run only 1 Diplo in the Evolsaur line-up, because he's weak against Artifacts,namely Artifact Sanctum.
I sometimes regret not having a second one, but there's nothing you can do as long as you can face Artifact cards G1.

3 Najasho became inconsistent with Evo-Force being the only card to trigger him. So I replaced the third copy with Evoltile Lagosucho.
You can still make an Evolzar play with him and Evo-Force,(send Evolsaur, Special Summon Vulcano) while fueling the grave and not having to main mediocre cards like Enemy Controller. 2 Najasho,3 Evo-Force works just fine, because you have Bandit and Duality to get to them.

There's also a little combo with Lago and Westlo: Normal summon Lago, send Evolsaur to the Graveyard,flip Westlo,Special Summon Vulcano,Special Summon sent Evolsaur, overlay into Laggia/Dolkka, overlay Lago and Westlo into Lion Emperor, grab back an Evoltile from grave.(this play was also mentioned in the Single Card Discussion)

There's nothing special in the Spell department: Power cards (Soul Charge,Evo-Force) and consistency boosters (Evo-Diversity,Pot of Duality). 2 copies of Forbidden Lance were included mainly to play around opposing Breakthrough Skills and get over big monsters,which the Evolzars sometimes struggle with.

Beside our new Evo-Singularity and the go-to cards Solemn Warning, Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole, I use Dimensional Prisons and Wiretaps in the trap line-up. The Prisons keep Fire and Ice Hand at bay, Wiretap stops Breakthrough Skills,Artifact Sanctum or any other trap card that might hinder your plays.

I opted to run 3 Laggia because it came up a lot, although I could definitely see someone running 3 Dolkka, because he shits on HAT.
I'll probably try to include Cairngorgon to play around Breakthrough. I already have Rhapsody for that though.


This deck works great against slower decks like HAT (Dolkka gives them hell),because you will have enough time to set up.
The Evolzars will give you an advantage in long, grindy games.

However, you will definitely struggle against decks like Mermail, who give you early game pressure. Evols suffer from a slow start and any deck that can put out a huge board turn one will cause problems. Using Kuribandit means giving a turn away and having to rely on your traps for defense. The opponent could capitalize on that, rush in,and suddenly you're stuck with dead Soul Charges in hand.

Maxx "C" can also give you plenty of trouble, when used on Evolzar Vulcano/Evo-Force Najasho and Soul Charge.

This idea has potential nonetheless, so try it out and tell me what you think.


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PostSubject: Re: Kurivolution   Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:58 am

What's your dgz username?
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PostSubject: Re: Kurivolution   Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:25 am

same as here.


Scorpion67: im so gangovered !!! im  starting to hate alchoool
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PostSubject: Re: Kurivolution   

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