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 Lyrics of a rap song

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PostSubject: Lyrics of a rap song   Lyrics of a rap song EmptySun Apr 14, 2013 1:12 pm

Hey guys,
i am a bit of rap fan and i have my own lyrics of songs that are in arabic, but this one i made in english but it's not complete yet. I just wanted to know if you like it or not and what do u think should improve in it Smile

They say you only have one life

so live it to the fullest

so you better grab that knife

and cut your way through the forest

of lust dust and despair

coz there is no one with whom to share .. the burden !

yea life isn't fair and you better know it if you dare

to walk on that road


carrying that heavy load

you only have shot! to this right !

so you better fight!

and you better make no excuse

coz then you gonna lose

there is no time for being lazy

or else you'll surely miss the train

you must think now i'm really crazy .. but you shouldn't!

you should get that into your brain

yea ! that's what is takes to make it rain

and i promise you gonna feel a great pain

i know you're scared ... and that's understandable

but sorry, if you're not ready for this then i guess you're not eligeable
(to the success club i mean)

that's what success is all about

you get the point, i don't need to shout

will power .. hard work .. and fire spirit

you need those in order to kill it

those are the ingredients for success

i know it's hard but we can't settle for any less

My advice for you is to keep track of buzz

i know some times it can be a fuzz

it will feel like walking into a maze

for most of the days

but ! afraid be not !

if others could do it why the hell can you not !!

Lyrics of a rap song Underdog
Lyrics of a rap song Memberdz
Lyrics of a rap song KingsSig2
Credit goes to SD (iMina) Very Happy
Credit for avy goes to Alice_k
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Lyrics of a rap song
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