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 mist valley ninja

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PostSubject: mist valley ninja   Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:13 pm

This decks versatility seams almost insane. I played the deck and i absolutely love it.
The main problem with the deck is its 27k cap (Im excluding the extra deck of course).
This deck has the ability to abuse the traps in this deck like clock work.
With mist valley falcon and mist valley thunder lord being a card the abuse rate seens almost
infinite. Depending on how you run the deck can determine the decks versatility.
If you use the bird man blasts fan otk/ftk then in my opinion its not that versatile.
Let me explain why. Sure you can loop the field spell and bring out a bunch of monsters to overwhelm; but what if i am you opponent and i use effect veiler or i use droll and lock bird (yes its a card thats a hand trap and good against darkworlds) then i stopped you from doing your major play and you cant really make a comeback.
Or even better you have everything you need for the otk and i activate TT then you are skrewed. I run 1 main engine, it's so good it rhymes. It's my my ninja engine. Ebisu is a giant trounade. While upstart alows your ninjas to spam and get dead traps out of hand to xyz summon. If you guys want my deck list let me know. I run a few cards in this deck that will make you say "wish i thought of that"

So I am adding on to the article here is the deck list


Monster #20

2x Mist valley apex avian
1x dark simorgh
3x mist valley falcon
3x ninja grandmaster hanzo
2x mist valley soldier
3x feild-comander rahz
2x upstart golden ninja
1x masked ninja ebisu
2x mist valley thunderbird
2x summoner monk

Spells #9
2x mystical space typhoon
1x monster reborn
1x dark hole
1x monster
3x divine wind of mist valley
1x reinforcement of the army

Traps #11
3x ninjitsu art of transoformation
3x fiendish chain
3x call of the haunted
2x armor ninjitsu art of rust mist

1x stardust dragon
1x vylon disigma
1x mist valley thunder lord
1x number 39: utopia
1x number c39: utopia ray
1x number 16: shock master
1x lighting chodori
1x heroic champion - excalibur
1x gem knigh pearl
1xheroic champion - gandiva
1x number 32: shark drake
1x number c32: shark drake veiss
1x blade armor ninja
1x red dragon archfiend
1x number 50: black corn
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mist valley ninja
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