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 Fish OTK 2013

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PostSubject: Fish OTK 2013   Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:38 pm

So I was watching some yugioh videos on youtube and theres always people saying bullshit about archtypes or decks they know nothing about (I could talk all day long about this) but sometimes you find really interest things like Robbie Khol’s attempt on a new version of Fish OTK. If you don’t know what Fish OTK is I will take you some formats ago.

Mars 2011 Format

This deck wasn’t really the deck of the format and to be honest only few players liked it because let’s face it, a deck based on an OTK is not very popular. Some players still saw the potential of the deck and this deck even took 2nd place of YCS Charlotte 2011. Vongola and used this deck in our legendary war against DA and ended up undefeated with it. The OTK setup is pretty simple. Summon coelacanth, use effect and special summon 2 fishborg blaster and 2 Oster Meister. Most of the time the player ends up with colossal fighter and armory arm on the field or even with a furious and undestructible red nova dragon. The deck died when fishborg blaster got banned tho and since fishborg blaster is definitely the best tuner of this game there is no way we will see it back in the game. I lost all the hope to see Fish OTK back in the game when I saw Fishborg Launcher for the first time. I thought it was the nerf version of fishborg blaster and they will never print any fishborgs anymore but I was wrong. Konami actualy made various fishborg monsters and one of them is really interesting.

Fishborg Archer

If you control no monsters and this card is in your Graveyard: You candiscard 1 WATER monster; Special Summon this card from your Graveyard, also destroy all non-WATER monsters you control at the start of your Battle Phase this turn. You can only use the effect of "Fishborg Archer" once per turn.

Well this is not a Fishborg Blaster but he is level 3 and that allows you to do some interesting moves with Coelacanth

Leviathan + Acid Golemn OTK

- Summon Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth and use his eff
- Special 4 level 3 fish monster from deck (Lancer or Meisters it doesn’t matter)
Overlay 2 of them for Leviathan and the 2 last ones for acid Golem

Synchro OTK

- Summon Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth and use his eff
- Special summon 2 Lancers and 2 Meisters from your deck
- Use 1 lancer and 1 meister to synchro summon Gaia Knight (Meister special summon a token on the field)
- Use Lancer, Meister and the Token to synchro summon Scrap Archfiend(meister special summon a token)

Those are just the otk’s I found yet, I started working on the deck this afternoon. This is the build I have so far if yor interested in having the list

One Build

The Extra deck needs work cuz I haven’t explore all the possibilities the deck can offer yet and the 40th card can be either POA, a 2nd Ronin Toadin, a 3rd Gold Sarc or even a Shapesnatch, go with the one you like better.

One Tip

Going for a coelacanth OTK is not always the best thing to do if your opponent have some backrows so if you have LADD to baith them out, you can special summon swap frog discarding coelacanth then bounce it back and tribute summon LADD. If LaDD is destroyed in any way coelacanth will be special summoned dodging BTH and LaDD would have probably done his job taking care of the backrows at that point.

The deck is not as good as it was back in the days for a lot of reasons, archer is not a blaster, the game changed a lot bla bla bla... but still, you might have some fun with coelacanth OTK's. I hope you liked this small article on fishes and like always don’t forget to leave your comments Smile


gutsberserk: I don't miss Inzektors tbh. But last format was so fucked up ,that I actually started to like them.
gutsberserk: they prevent you from playing YGO cards lol
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Fish OTK 2013
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