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 Kristya anti-meta deck

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everything anti-meta


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PostSubject: Kristya anti-meta deck   Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:57 pm

Kristya is oe of the two reasons agents were popular. It is a 2800 beat stick that stops people from special summoning. Its pretty amazing in most anti-meta decks but mostly i've only seen it as a tech-in card. This deck revolves around bringing it out and playing around the effect to not special summon while not completely falling apart if you do not draw into it.

Monsters 26

2x Archlord Kristya
2x Armored Bee
2x Battle Fader
1x BLS
1x Gale
2x Breaker
2x Caius
3x Dimesional Alchemist
2x Veiler
2x Birdman
1x Gorz
2x Maxx "C"
3x Thunder king
1x Tragoedia

Spells 9
1x MST
2x Night Shot
2x Photon Sanctuary
2x Pot of Duality
2x Smashing ground

Traps 5
2x Bottomless
2x Dimensional Prision
1x Solemn Warning

Extra deck
2x Catastor
1x Armory Arm
1x Dark end dragon
1x Formula Syncron
1x Light end dragon
1x Mist Wurm
1x Red Dragon Archfeind
1x Red Nova dragon
1x Scrap dragon
1x Shooting star dragon
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Void Ogre Dragon

Basically all these cards focus around field control and negating mostly everything your oppoent tries to pull off. Double caius with double birdman is funny because you ca bounce caius back and use his effect again. Armored bee has become oe of my favorite cards that has recently come out. He is also immensly helpful in this deck. One of the problems with Thunder-king is if you draw him late people can just run over him or even sometimes with kristya. If people have 3000 atk beaters on the field then kristya doesn't really help. Armored bee runs over pretty much everything like a boss.
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Kristya anti-meta deck
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