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 Double Round of REDU and Samba

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PostSubject: Double Round of REDU and Samba   Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:47 am

Samba soundtrack for deck one:
(Ruler this will count as a portuguese class xD)

Deck One: Kiryu Chaos feat. LightGay Sorcerer(yes my friends that are light-haters call them LightGays xD)

Basically. I am teching Lightray Sorcerer on this version of Kiryu's Necroface Chaos. They're f*ckin' consistent... i already managed to banish over 30 cards per duel, and i noticed that LIGHT monster go there easily. DAD is out on this version because i often banish my monsters faster than send them to grave... also i dunno what to take out (i will not take T. Bus out since i need lot of recycling) xD
Samba Soundtrack for deck two:
Deck Two: Warrior Stun feat. Heroic

Well, this deck is quite an Aggro. It works by summoning a lot of level 4 Warriors and powering them up with Solidarity. Xyz monsters(Blade Armor and Excalibur) are incredible. One is a 4k beater for one turn, the other can attack 2x with 2.2k attack or more. Bergzak do what Blade Armor cannot sometimes, but he is weaker and requires to kill by battle. Rahz do the toolbox, although slow, still VERY good. Thrasher go for instant Xyz when Double Lance cannot. Soul Release is a personal anti-meta tech, also he can clear non-Warriors from my grave.
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Double Round of REDU and Samba
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