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 Wind-Up Deck

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PostSubject: Wind-Up Deck   Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:55 pm

I've tested it a few times, I'm do pretty well. But right now I don't know if Ultimate Offering is worth the space because I won without drawing into it. Can you guys help me out and tell me what to take and put in?

Monsters: 17
3x Wind-Up Dog
3x Wind-Up Knight
3x Wind-Up Magician
3x Wind-Up Soldier
3x Wind-Up Warrior
2x Wind-Up Nyanko (Hehe NYANko)

Spells: 13
3x Legendary Wind-Up
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Overwound Spring
2x Wind-Up Factory
1x Book of Moon
1x Dark Hole
1x Giant Trunade
1x Monster Reborn

Traps: 12
3x Over Wrench
3x Ultimate Offering
2x Solemn Warning
1x Call Of The Haunted
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgement
1x Torrential Tribute

Extra: 15
3x Number 39: Utopia
3x Number 61: Volcasaurus
3x Tiras, Kepper Of Genesis
3x Wind-Up Zenmaister
2x Steelswarm Roach
1x Number 16: Ruler Of Color, Shock Ruler
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Wind-Up Deck
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